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High quality workmanship at affordable prices. This is the guiding force behind everything Blackwood stands for. Our company was founded with one very simple principle in mind: giving you the quality you deserve at a price you’ll be excited about.

Making Products Built to Last

Blackwood is working hard everyday to change the way our customers think about product quality. When it comes to what we offer, we think a little differently than other companies. Our products are both high in quality and built to last.

Products that have short life cycles are bad for everyone. They are bad for the environment because they create more waste. They're also bad for you because you’ll be replacing things far more often than you like.

In many cases, the price point for a product that is true quality is far too high to realistically approach. Here’s an important way of thinking we follow every day at Blackwood: well-made products do not have to cost you a fortune!

Why Blackwood is Better

Here at Blackwood, we never compromise on the quality of our products. Instead, we work directly with factories at all stages of a product's development to ensure consistently high quality at a reasonable price.

We also work with other reputable brand owners to bring you high quality products. We'll always partner with other brands that focus on the same thing we do: higher grade products that are built to last for years to come.

How We Do Things

Born from an obsession with providing products with uncompromising workmanship and technology, Blackwood is committed to a high attention to detail and service in everything we do. All of our offerings bring you three important components:

1. Quality: We take pride in providing some of the highest quality products available on the market today.

2. Innovation: Our manufacturing emphasizes innovation – both in development as well as usage for our customers.

3. Functionality: Highly functional products are the key to what makes us better than the competition.

Getting Back to Basics

We deliver each of these components with a price that reminds you of how commerce used to work. You don’t have to pay an expensive price for this level of quality. Instead, you’ll pay a fair price for products that are made with durability in mind – so they’ll last for years to come.

Our concept, vision and company objective have all grown organically from long lasting, true quality products and customer satisfaction. By remaining faithfully true to these brand equities, we have continued to expand to deliver even more for our customers.

We credit every bit of our success to a simple belief: a better quality and well-made product should last longer and shouldn't cost a fortune!

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